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Wink Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

Erick my friend, you are resisting opening up to a new way of understanding.

Perhaps rather than the word 'resistance' we could substitute 'struggle'.

My friend asked how I loaded uchi mata so easily - he knew my back was injured and painful. I told him - one leg stands relaxed, and you simply join uke by hugging with one arm, and you both fall over - except that as you fall forward, uke falls UP - up your back. There - I've used magical language, but it's really just leverage as far as the pivot goes. The leg bearing the weight is not being used muscularly - the bones and fascia form nice little triangles with minimal effort on my part.

Imagine a creature that can intuitively find strength in static - linear compression, triangles etc. - but be able to reprogram itself at will. God - I want to be one of those!


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