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Re: How to teach and train relaxation

Mike Sigman wrote:
Then have him walk around to the other side, to the left shoulder. You shouldn't move a muscle. Let him push in the same way on the left shoulder and you let the push be held purely with the right leg/foot.

Keep doing it a few times. As you get better at it, you'll notice that you need only "will" the path from your shoulder to your foot on the opposite side and your use of muscle will decrease. The path forms almost automatically with a little practice. This is the essence of what jin is, but it's the coarse beginning steps, not the "I got jin!!!!" step.

Can you see how good jin and relaxation go together with that example?
The tester can also work on developing the same skills so that the same amount of pressure becomes a more challenging test (sounding like a 'ki test'?).

Mike, did you experience similar exercises at the Shaner, sensei workshop?

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