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Re: How to teach and train relaxation

Don Magee [/quote]I went to the doctor for broken ribs. He suspected I had some dislocation so he attempted to manipulate my arms to adjust my spine/back/etc. I had to laugh. I was sitting there feeling perfectly relaxed, he couldn't lift my arms from my lap. It took an extreme effort of will to let him move me around without stopping him.[quote]

My wife can not 'follow' when we dance. I have to let her lead - jokes aside about who wears the pants in our family - she is amazed that I can follow without having to stop and think about it. Lord, she has to stop and think about everything, except one time we heard a gunshot and I said 'get on the floor' and she did it. How's that for trust?


p.s. Mike - if it is I whose claim that I learned some internal stuff bothers you sir, then you must follow your own advice to me, and read it without comment. I have to thank you for above - it is the clearest I have seen you describe the technique - and it mirrors both what I learned in judo and some specific physical therapy I had from my Rolf physical therapist last
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