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Re: Seiza can be dangerous

I just want to clarify I did not break my ankle while sitting in seiza. I broke it trying to throw a 220 pound man in judo. I went for a kouchi gari (Its hard to remember now, but I think that was my intent). He fell, but not like I expected, he fell into me instead of away from me (I think he was tripping before my throw attempt.). This caused me to lose my balance and I fell in another direction, the entanglement of legs lead to a large pop, lots of curse words, and a black foot.

My doctor said it was a bad sprain. So I waited. After not regaining normal flexibility after a few months, I went to a sports doctor. He told me i did ligament damage and most likely broke bones. Now I get to go to therapy to get my foot to bend again in a way that lets me sit in sezia.

That said, I'll probably milk the injury as long as I can. I hate how my knees feel when I sit in sezia.

- Don
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