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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

Mike Sigman wrote:
I realize you don't understand or accept the logic of the jin and ki skills, Erick.
I do accept them in their own right and I have not disputed their contribution to the cultural and technical underlayment of aikido. Which you routinely ignore so as to make ill-founded ad hominem slaps in place of informed argument.

Please carry on. It is fun. Beating me up does exactly nothing to prove your position, I might point out. Gee, is it third grade all over again?

What I do not accept is YOUR contention that YOUR conception of these skills is necessarily correct in regards specifically to applying Aikido, nor that it is the "lost secret" for the salvation of Aikido -- nor, indeed, that it is in need of rescue, nor yet that there is anything lost at all.

Granted, there are some people who may be...

Mike Sigman wrote:
... wait until it's overwhelming and then to try and pretend that's what you meant all along.
And a prophet, too... well -- that is persuasive.

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