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Re: Everyone been training for 30+ years?

I have less experience than most of you guys, but I would like to comment on how the real guys handle themselves.
Recently I attended the yearly party for our Aikido club, Bonenkai, we had lots to drink and the party was filled with faces I had never seen before (but obviously these guys were in it for real) Sensei himself was uchideshi of Tohei Sensei. I noticed a pattern of less talk, loads of respect in a general direction of Shihan. As the party moved to a small tatami room I was making great communications with a man who was a quiet gentleman, later exchanging friendly sankyo over the sake and getting deep and meaningful Aikido concepts on the table (I had no idea who this man was, I knew he was a highly respected Shihan) ,after we all went back to our rooms I was told this man was a student of O`sensei himself, even carried O`senseis bags on the trip to Hawaii! The man I will not name out of respect for his nature, carried himself so well, was such a gentleman and after being in Aikido over 50 years he really knew his stuff, but gave me the world of respect as newbie and I believe this was great Aikido spirit! I was the guy in the room that had the least rank....and the highest ranking Aikidoka gave me heaps of Aikido love.......what an experience I will never forget.

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