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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
I think that Tomiki, Arikawa, Tada and a few others figured out for themselves what M Ueshiba was doing in his personal training. They did not so much ask him questions as watch, feel, especially when they took ukemi, and then work out what they thought was going on. The problem here is that the focus of this training is still the Master and what the Master shows. However, I have indicated above that this is not a problem unique to budo training.
I wonder how much had to do with the year/time differences, too? The "pre-war" students were learning at a time when Ueshiba was still younger and "polishing" his art. While the "post war" students studied under an older Ueshiba who already had the time put in to polish his art somewhat.

Do you think that the pre-war students might have gotten better access and insight into Ueshiba's art while he was still "experimenting"? And the post war students having a harder time learning because Ueshiba didn't show nearly as much access or insight into his art?

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