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depends on how you limit your view of what aikido is and what martial arts are.
I have personaly experienced aikido more outside of the dojo in a non combatant way than I have inside the dojo.
inside the dojo I learn techniques, that is the martial arts side of it.
when I forget techniques then I am able to experience aikido. this can be applied in a martial form. The martial form is probably the most obvious demonstration of its principles as it shows in a physical, visible way what aikido is. but aikido is not limited to the dojo, aikido is not limited. the principles of non resistance do not have to only be applied to martial situations and physical violence, they can also be applied in any given situation.
they lead towards an experience that cannot be defined here on these forums.

I dont necissarily go to the dojo to learn aikido, I go to the dojo to learn technique and then through that apply aikido physically.

so yes, aikido is a martial art, but it is so much more than that. I can take the martial aspect out of aikido and still experience the principles involved, I can also ignore the principles and focus on the technique in aikido.

I think the answer to your question lies in whether or not you define aikido to be a set of principles or a set of techniques.

everyone will have their own interpretation, which is just as valid as my own. but this is what I have found from my own limited experiences.


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