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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

Mike Sigman wrote:
The peace and harmony with the laws of Nature is part of the whole Yin-Yang cosmology which Ueshiba used. It's blatantly in his Douka and other writings.
Ueshiba's "Peace and harmony with the Laws of Nature" also draws heavily on Neo-Confucian authoritarian paternalism in the sphere of human relations, on shamanistic practices both native and continental in the realm of personal spiritual adventurism, and simple consonance with the smooth rap and flow of the charismatic Onisaburo, all wrapped up in a furoshiki woven of such disparate strands of rhetoric as Norinaga's 18th Century nativist Kokugaku, Wang Yang Min's 19th Century intuitive Buddhist revolutionism, the Esperanto Society's 20th Century internationalism, and the high sheen of triumphalist gnostic exceptionalism.

They're all blatantly there in the Doka.

And it all makes about as much sense as Sun Ra's cosmology, an example I choose simply because I think his music is at least as brilliant as Ueshiba's Budo, and many of his other expressions of his genius just about as esoteric, syncretic, non-systemic, and -- dare I say it -- out to lunch as Ueshiba's works off the mat.

That said, I'd be remiss if I didn't allow that the world would be a poorer place if George Clinton hadn't taken on Sun Ra's Mothership concept and gotten up on the down stroke with it.

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