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Re: Seiza can be dangerous

David Knowlton wrote:
...I guess the next question is - how does the savvy practitioner 'look good' in seiza, and keep blood flowing?
Actually, one technique is quite simple - & something I failed to do: 'zen breathing'. When you sit, either seiza & in lotus, you find that you can "wake-up" your legs, feet, etc... from a sleep just by correct breathing. I also find it useful when I am bored silly & feel like falling asleep, to get me in the 'here & now' so to speak, by giving my legs a cramp & then breathing out of it (talk about a clear mind during ths time). Believe it or not, it works - even when sitting for an hr on a hard-wood floor; while everyone else can hardly get up, you can just pop right up (& impress your instructor!).
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