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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

Erick Mead wrote:
... apart from the facts I mentioned as to "the basis" that he himself understood for his art (among many others that I did not) that just don't fit at all into your overly broad assumption.

If we simply assume away facts contrary to our position we can reach any result we like.
You haven't given any "facts" that dispute what I said, though. All you've done is blather. Here's what I said in my post:
I have never been convinced that Ueshiba was talking about "peace" so much as he was parrotting the "harmony with the Universe" which is the basis for so much Asian cosmology. But hey.... each to his own.
That's all I said. The peace and harmony with the laws of Nature is part of the whole Yin-Yang cosmology which Ueshiba used. It's blatantly in his Douka and other writings. My opinion that you're doing your best to tear down is in that little box, Erick. It's not a major statement, but it's certainly true. If you don't think that Ueshiba used the Yin-Yang cosmology as a basis for his religious beliefs, then show me what he did use. If you say "Shinto", then you need to do some research on the Kojiki.


Mike Sigman
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