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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

Wow there seems to be alot of contraversy about whether Aikido is a religion, so I would like to say my humble opionon, I guess it really depends on the persons feelings. Some people may see it as a religion, others not, O' Sensei said Aikido is a religion that is not a religion, it embraces all reilgions and purifies all. And well I guess I wouldn't call it a martial art. O'sensei saw all the strife and violence around him and Aikido was a physical expression of his beliefs, one of his dokas states that Budo can not be emcompassed or explained in words and that one would have to explore and discover it for themself. O'sensei's overall message was one of peace so really you needn't learn the physical aspects of Aikido to be doing Aikido, so in some ways I guess it is a religion
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