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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

Mike Sigman wrote:
I said the basis of Ueshiba's stuff is part of the Asia-wide cosmology and within that cosmology is the well-known concept of working in harmony with the natural laws of the Universe.
... apart from the facts I mentioned as to "the basis" that he himself understood for his art (among many others that I did not) that just don't fit at all into your overly broad assumption.

If we simply assume away facts contrary to our position we can reach any result we like. This kind of argument from selectively generalized assumptions is dismissive to a degree that is not fitting of aikido, (i.e. - it lacks musubi or close connection with the subject being discussed).

I cannot assume away a bokken being swung at my head. I had better address it squarely. One way or the other we will certainly achieve musubi, but I'd really prefer it to be on my own motion.
Mike Sigman wrote:
That's fine, Erick, but the "great deal MORE " is not what I'm talking about.
I take it, then, that the boundary where your desire to understand aikido stops -- is at "LESS."


Erick Mead
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