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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Dan Harden wrote:
This is what ...I.... try to do to make Aikido better
Go to open discussions and read.

My experience with Dan Harden

-I spent the night from 7:30 -midnight. With a couple of guys to get them started on basics. And put my own guys aside.

Meeting with Dan Harden in Boston
I drove for and hour taught, and took Mark to dinner.


The latter person, Mark, was me. And I started the thread. It was an eye opening experience. One that I would gladly repeat. Dan was great, not just in skill, but in teaching, conversation, manner, and attitude.

I always tell friends and family this: When reading online, *every* and I do mean *every* emotion that the reader gets from reading comes from within the reader himself/herself. No emotion carries through from the pixels on the screen. You put all that there yourself.

Mark (just catching up from a week vacation)
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