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Re: Poll: How often do you train until the point of exhaustion in your aikido practice?

i would love to get exhausted on a regular basis, it just doesnt happen enough anymore. im helping someone prepare for a dan test, ive been doing hour long sessions of taking ukemi, constant breakfalls, etc - that barely did anything to me. i miss it! i feel like im bragging, im not...if i were to go to a judo school and have to do push ups and all that kind of thing before class, now that would be really tiring since i never do that stuff

i think we get used to the amount of workout we get, possibly the limit of what an aikido class can offer. then we have to pass that in order to really get tired, it just isnt going to happen if youre already used to what's happening in the span of a class. unless new things get added to the training.

what does tire me out though is the standing with all my weight on one leg for a minute or 2 kind of things we do sometimes. like to build a foundation for how to place your weight. those i feel at night when im stretching out in bed, etc but they dont tend to exhaust me all over, i just feel it in my legs later. my hands might get really tired after a lot of training too...
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