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Freaky! Re: Martial artist / Aikidoka

Originally posted by Ghost Fox
Do you think it is possible to be an aikidoka without being a martial artist,

No. Though some far-fringe aiki-fruity aikidoka might LIKE to shed the martial aspects ...

However, if you shed the martial, you are no longer doing budo and aikido without budo is simply a form of dance. IMNSHO, of course.

and is it possible to be a great aikidoka without being a martial artist?

See above. And why the heck anyone would WANT to take the martial aspects out, I'll never understand ...

What's the difference between an aikidoka and a martial artist

Umm. None?

and where is there overlap and divergence?

Aikido is budo. Budo is martial. A practitioner of aikido practices budo, like it or not.

Odd question. Curious ... why do you ask? What do you think about it?


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