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Mike Sigman
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Re: Ki-Society Workshop in Denver, Dec 06

Craig Hocker wrote:
Your comments brought back some memories of classes in which we did connection exercises that seem to be in line with what you describe. That hole you mention where they have no balance is I think something that I agree should be more explicit.

When I have had the chance, I have always enjoyed Shaner Sensei's classes. It was interesting to to read your response as someone coming at it from a different angle.
Hi Craig:

Well, it was pretty interesting. I have been thinking about the Ki-Society approach these last few days and I pretty much still have the opinion I voiced previously on the thread that I think a clearer focus and explanation would tremendously enhance the Ki-Society perspective.... although, on the other hand, a clearer and more analytic approach through physics might actually conflict with some of the more esoteric beliefs about the "Universal Ki", etc.

One point I will make though, which I think is important to note. Tohei's approach may not be fully clear and it results in a lot of Ki-Society people missing the fine point and staying always at a fairly basic level, etc....... BUT, Tohei's approach through relaxation and softness is the correct one for the really high-level route, IMO. This is not to say that there are not exercises and explanations that are needed (and I daresay it's a certainty that Tohei used some for the in-door disciples)..... what I'm stressing is that relaxation, not tension, is the road to the higher-level stuff. So kudos for that part of the Ki-Society perspective. "From great softness comes great hardness".


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