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Re: Poll: How often do you train until the point of exhaustion in your aikido practice?

Michael Hackett wrote:
When I voted, I interpreted "exhausted" pretty literally and voted "never". I've been so thrashed on many occasions that I had very little left and once I had to run outside quickly and vomit. I admit to being worn out and so tired I wanted nothing more than to crawl off into a corner, but never so badly I didn't have one more fall or rep left in me. Sounds like symantics and not endurance as what many of you have described is what I've experienced too. Great, ain't it?
That's like the interpretation that I have, i.e exhaustion being the physical state where I have to consciously will my body to get up (move) when it would rather just stay put. Those times seem to be more rare, and often I think because of an awareness of how much energy I can handle receiving back without risking long-term injury. So many details to work on...

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