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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

Ted Ehara wrote:
Appearance (gen-kai), Subconscious (yu-kai), Divine (shin-kai). .... Or is he just transposing Omote cosmology into Aiki terminology?
And thus, I suppose is the Pope thus merely parroting Western Cosmology.

I think the point is that the focus on integrated spirituality in Aikido is not some woolyheaded innovation of wide-eyed acolytes. O Sensei plainly intended his comprehension of these things to be related to a Western setting. Omoto itself was very universalist it drawing upon Japanese myth to meet and connect to Western Doctrines such the Divine Logos, the Trinity and the fundamental Godhead. He went out of his way to select those references from the Omoto theology to do so, as shown in the quote, which is not an isolated example. His intent was to spread the art worldwide and particularly to the West. He said as much in other settings.

Second Doshu can hardly be blamed if he assumed that his father's teacnings on the more involved aspects of mikkyo and the Omoto derivation of Shinto would be poorly understood in the West. If he diminished its emphasis for that purpose, it would have been to serve his father's larger goal. By all evidence, it worked admirably.


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