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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

Dennis Hooker wrote:
Actually I am saying it never was. "Martial art" is a western concept to try and explain what the Japanese bushi were doing. O-Sensei said Aikido is the ultimate budo not the ultimate martial art. I believe some folks from south America came up with that concept. However like most things Western once it was defined some folks set about creating it in their image. Folks need to Read what the founder had to say about what Aikido was and is. I have never seen anything that would suggest he thought it was other than the evolution of budo. The next step. I guess he would call it the ultimate budo but damn sure not martial art.
I think Mr Hooker is quite right.

I also think it is important to see how Morihei Ueshiba's original thinking was transformed, especially, but not only, by Kisshomaru Ueshiba. I am quite close to the Aikikai Hombu and I am also convinced that Kisshomaru and the present Doshu believe thay have inherited a precious legacy, but one that also has to change.

Sorry to be somewhat cryptic. I am at school and in between classes & meetings etc, but I chanced upon this thread. I will contribute some more later, when I have the time.

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