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Mike Sigman
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Re: Ki-Society Workshop in Denver, Dec 06

Rupert Atkinson wrote:
I am always critical of every class I've been to. Can be risky in an open forum like this, but person to person I'll say exactly what I think.
The tremendous edge I have is that I don't teach publicly, nor am I a member of any group/affiliation. I'm a free spirit with no rice bowl that I have to keep from being broken. This puts me at odds with many people on a lot of different forums ("fora" is cool if we were speaking idiomatic Latin, but "forums" is the acceptable English variant). Say what you want to me. I'll simply consider it as honestly as I can, wherever you speak.
And I am sure people are critical of what I do - I just wish they would tell me
You suck, Rupert. (Sorry..... I never pass up a set-up one-liner like that).


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