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Re: Ki-Society Workshop in Denver, Dec 06

First of all Mike, thanks for the very insightful review. Nice to see comments from a knowledgeable source, from-outside-looking-in.
Mike Sigman wrote:
What would happen was that they'd do something one way and/or have me do something one way (while they told me exactly what to do) and then they would do it another way and ask me if I didn't feel the difference. Now some of these are valid changes and expositional explanations, even though the points were vague to start with, but in some cases, these "now try it this way" things can be very bogus, the way they were doing those examples and changes.
I'm sure I've resembled that remark. Of course, I've never had the intention of being bogus. Confused with good intentions perhaps, but never bogus.

I've pretty much stayed out of most of these discussions, especially when something sounds remarkably familiar. I'd hate to be labeled as someone who's saying they've "been-there-done-that." But it's nice to hear that maybe some of my instincts are correct when I'm attempting to apply some of the solo-training exercises I've heard described in these forums.

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