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Mike Sigman
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Dan Harden wrote:
You're welcome...except you still don't know what Aiki-age or Aiki-sage is either. You can't even get folks in the art who have it to agree! Here we can say Peng-jin and lu. And then argue for daring to use that. Or we can say how An is taught clearly to inside people in certain Japanese arts both in the touch of hands and in body -to read and control an attackers force. But it really is just going to progress to more argument there as well. Its easier if you touch, and someone "knows."
Well, notice that I just said I get a better feel for what you mean. I did not say that I "know". And from everything I've seen and that I'm hearing, it's not fully peng jin, but probably one of the less-complete versions of top-line, single-rice-grain jin. But the essential principle will have to be the same.... there is only one jin. Line up everyone you want who uses "kokyu", "aiki-age", kei, jin, shakti, and so on.... they will all be using some variation, some mixture of muscle/jin, etc. So I really don't get too interested in arguing what color pants someone has on as long as it's obvious they're wearing pants.

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