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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Hi George

I think we are going to be meeting this year-once the schedule is announced
Wasn't much chance last year.
I agree with what Mike wrote before- that it is not constructive to post much in detail. You yourself just validated it by saying you didn't get the gist of what he wrote about-it till you felt it.
I think folks like Mark Murry and Rob Liberti, and the two Aikido Guys who now train with me regularly (you know their teachers) who have felt it would agree with you. They didn't get what the heck I was talking about either. The capturing center-on-contact and magnetic feel were quite interesting to them. More so to Rob and this other guy who I showed how to *actually* start doing it.

Overall, I'd say the key is to forget the other guy and stop doing things with him. We need to focus on us and what we are doing on the inside. The effect of that work, has and *affect* on everything they do to us. It becomes easy to feel their efforts. I am drawing-in and concentraining on me-not them. I don't I am, my space. I occupy it they enter it then depending on what I do we play. It's more fun to play with guys who are training these things themselves. Its more of a contest and feel.

The Aiki aspects
A simple example that may help, is if someone is standing and sinking and spreading while winding up at the same time. Anyone who makes contact feels like they hit a wall. The guy didn't *do*.anything to the person attacking him and is relaxed and moving without moving. Because he is neutral he can be highly sensitive. And if they are playing, they may feel like they are being *drawn* in and down and they start to rise. That can lead to an expulsion or rebound. Or if there is no force we can apply force, from us to them in a throw or strike. Or what cracks up some guys as it feels odd- is you let them push- and inside, without moving, you let them feel the changes you are making to their directed force.
I show simple steps to first identify it -in you- with shoulder pushes and receiving and rebounding. then the next time with way to absorb the same force just using parts of your body axis that remains absorbing while another part is projecting all at the same time. Makes for a fun weekend.
This is simple stuff and the same I'd do in fighting with some key differences
I'm sure we can manage a hands on this year. After feeling each other out we can work and have fun. With any luck at the end of a an afternoon When I write you will say. "I understand what Dan is talking about."
Its not rocket science. It's my belief that anyone who will actually train VS train when they see me can learn to do this stuff.
It just takes adults with an inquisitive dispostion and focus to do these things.

At the end of the day, if this stuff is "natural"- I'd like to see the guy-untrained-who can pull these things off. I must be stupid. It' taken me years. And if it is in fact a trained and learned skill.
From whom?

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