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Mike Sigman
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Dan Harden wrote:
So, I've no trouble with Judo. Particulary on the edge of Mifunes Aiki-Judo. But vector work doesn't cover it-not by a long shot. You can play vectors with some fols all the day long and it will have minimul results.
I think the negative implications of most of Justin's posts are fairly obvious. I'd say leave him in the ignore file. He's basically a Cheng Man Ching practitioner and they have a reputation for this sort of attitude.

The judo book with "vectors" I haven't bothered to look up, but I'm pretty sure I know exactly which one he's talking about. It's fairly well known, has drawings, etc. The unfortunate problem is that the forces in that particular judo commentary are the normal, "external" forces of technique, not the type of forces we're talking about here. Since Justin is openly indicating that he doesn't understand the jin/kokyu forces as being different from the normal "li" forces, what's the point of engaging in a wasted discussion? Just ignore him, Dan.


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