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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

I don't get upset and have remained positively engaged throughout these various exchanges. It is my view that the ones who have felt these strengths...(now in the dozens here) all are, or were, in Aikido. Thus had felt many shihans. They ...........noted the superiority of these strengths.
I also note -with few exceptions- that the pissyness has been pretty much from the aikido folk.

I find it interesting that you quoted George Ledyard. One of the folks who met Mike. Was Mike Pissy?
You did not quote Mark Murry, Or Rob Liberti. Was I pissy?
And since we are willing to show, and teach for free where does that leave your argument?

What are your views on Ikeda's comments in the Aikido Journal Blog entry I re-posted here?
All of these men have felt many Shihan- curious that they noted a usable strength that could benefit Aikido.

I can go along with your Judo argument but it is missing many key things not spoken. Since we are on the topic. How about you respond to the quotes from Fighting Spirit of Japan where it cites old school Judo players meeting Aikijujutsu men who they.... try to push and pull to no avail
Why try pushing and pulling?
And of the 6th dan judo guy who says when he uses these skills he cannot be thrown

Again and -with any luck for the final time-no one is claiming ownership of these things. Seems many go out of their way to say over and over you can find them in other arts. But they are not openly taught
So, I've no trouble with Judo. Particulary on the edge of Mifunes Aiki-Judo. But vector work doesn't cover it-not by a long shot. You can play vectors with some fols all the day long and it will have minimul results.
1. You need to have a clear path inside you
2. That is enhanced and made potent by connections you have worked and strengthened-inside you.
3. It helps to be able to use breath -power supported by your spine
4. You need to have years of practice to be able to sustain these things in motion
5. Once the above are in place you can have both a sensitivity to contact and manipulation and a power delivery.
6. To be able to access and use them naturally in fighting against trained fighters

It would be my pleasure to meet an Aikido teacher who meets all these condtions. More so, to meet one who can teach it.
I don't think anyone has a corner on these skills. I just argue that few openly teach them

Don't get pissy on me now....
Cheers and happy holidays
And to those like me...Merry Christmas

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