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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

George S. Ledyard wrote:
If their delivery of that information pisses people off, I think folks should just get over it. No one is asking these guys to be in the Diplomatic Corps. I mean, I don't see Mike or Dan as Ambassadors to any place... If someone's ego gets a bit twinged by their delivery, well, suck it up, this is Budo. Look at the content, forget about the delivery and make your Aikido better.
On the other hand, the gurus shouldn't get peed off, when people do things like point out that the vector stuff that some always stress as the basis for everything martial are in a judo book from the 1950's, The Secrets of Judo (p. 48 pic 22, p. 63, pic 34) and that there's nothing special about them- they are just one of many things.

They are simply a natural product of physics that occur even when we just walk. So training in aikido techniques, for example, is more important than theorizing about vectors, IMO.

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