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Re: Ki-Society Workshop in Denver, Dec 06

Mike Sigman wrote:
I feel like the Ki Society is making some progress overall, but I think that many of them would have progress far more if the terminology and knowledge were made clearer. The "One Point" idea is OK, but the "One Point" does not float by itself in space; at all times the "One Point" is supported by the ground... it IS the ground. And from the One Point there is always a radiated solidity of the ground going to all parts of the body. At the same time, the "One Point" is also always the full weight of the body potential to all parts of the body (that weight will always be on the underside, of course). These are the two basic powers from which all powers come, Heaven and Earth. We are stretched out between them.

I feel comfortable with the concept of One Point 'now' but it has taken along time for me to get to this point, and although I use the term often when I am trying to teach, I realise how ephemeral it is for new students (and some old timers alike . I find myself more often now, actually placing my hands on a students pelvis and shifting their weight as I feel that they should, at the same time trying to keep their hands 'solid' in relation to their hips. Through this 'hands on' approach they can often get the sensation of where the power is coming from - not the hands or arms, but their centre, which is as you say itself part of the ground.
I am still constantly amazed at how little effort is needed when all the 'connections' are made to move another person. And I am also aware that although this 'direction' deals with the mechanics of it, I know that the 'mind' aspect makes up the rest of the equation. It's my conjecture that the greater the skill in putting the body in the right 'frame/form' the more the mind's side can be brought into play.

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