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Re: To Slap the Ground or Not

Natasha I agree that 'dogma' bad, adaptability good.

I tried the 'cross the leg over and slap with foot' mode of ukemi during a recent class. I had no problem with genitals getting smashed by thighs, and the ukemi felt good. It was during a normal aikido kokyu or sumi otoshi type fall; don't remember. The motion was typically aiki - downward, with a twist. Slapping the foot in crossover made a lot of sense.

I don't know if you read my comments about blasting the sacro iliac out of joint or kidney damage - if you take force through the body other than square on the hip and ankle while taking a strongly executed, guided, high fall. It's crucial to why I argue that slapping in the (classic) way is valid and can be valuable.

But, I had no idea when I started judo that the high falls with uke applying force all the way through - was an esoteric form of training. It was my first training, and when pressured sometimes we all 'run home to mama' technically.

I'll keep the training about slapping, but I won't apply it to all situations. In fact, it is very infrequent that I take that kind of high falls anymore (dammit!).


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