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Mark Freeman
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Re: Ki-Society Workshop in Denver, Dec 06

Hi Mike,

thanks for both of your posts above, interesting, balanced and objective.

Did you have an oportunity to take ukemi from Shaner Sensei? Did he in your opinion have the ki/kokyu skills that you talk about, in other words does he walk his talk?

Although I practice 'ki' aikido a la Tohei Sensei, my own teacher has translated some of his sayings into phrases which he feels are perhaps easier to embody. An example would be 'keep weight underside' he changed to 'have a light posture'. Different phrase but similar outcome. I guess as we are not part of the Ki Society, he is free to interpret his own experiences and try put them accross to his students as he sees as being most useful for learning.

I can see your point about 'terminology', and at the end of the day the hoped for end result is to help people gain the 'correct' mind/body state that is required to perform aikido as it was intended.

It seems from your posts that people were making progress in the right direction, which has to be a good thing, doesn't it? or am I reading you wrongly?

I'm glad you came away with a positive view on how you can utilise what you learnt into your own understanding/search/future explanations.



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