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Kevin Wilbanks
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Re: What's the most dangerous fighting style

Isaac Bettis wrote:
If one is willing to grant my definition of "effective" then there will be little argument what weapon is superior when we ask, should I carry a .22 or a .357 mag? But if you do not grant my definition of "effective" we will run into problems.
Actually, my understanding is that for point blank range asassination, smaller calibers, including .22 cal pistols designed for target shooting, are considered the most effective by today's discriminating assassin. Less noise. Less mess.

For sheer killing power in a weapon, I say you can't beat the infected blanket. It probably wiped out the majority of the approximately 100 million people who used to live on the continent where I live now before my ancestors arrived. Trading diseased products probably killed 10 to 20 times as many people as the Nazis, maybe twice as many the black plague, with it's previous deadly weapon champ: the flea. So my list of most dangerous fighting weapons: 1) the blanket, 2) the flea, 3)the Nazi.
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