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Re: What's the most dangerous fighting style

Lynn Seiser wrote:
IMHO, it is not the style that is dangerous, but the person.

IMO a style is basically someones knowlege (tactics, strategy, body mechanics etc) whether learned by fighting or passed on through teaching. For example Aikido is basically everything O-Sensei found useful from his own experience, so when you learn Aikido you're basically taking O-Sensei's and our instructors (and their instructors and so on) knowlege, experience and ways of thinking and then incorporating them into yourself. You can often watch someone on a grading and tell who their instructor is for instance.

So in a way the style and the person are one and the same, although of course we're not O-Sensei or our instructors and so there are individual variations. In that case the style you learn (whether learned in the dojo, from practical experience or both) influences the person you are and thus how dangerous you are.

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