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Mike Sigman
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Ki-Society Workshop in Denver, Dec 06

Dan Harden wrote:
My real question is how did you do in deciding to take falls. Thats the part I have trouble with. I willingly take ukemi when showing folks how to do things to actually capture my center. Did most folks have that ability? Were you able to help?
Hmmmm... I don't have a problem with doing an Aikido workshop just like everyone else there does, Dan. If someone was practicing a technique, learning it and rehearsing it while needing an accomodating practice partner, I don't have a problem with that. If they did the technique somewhat correctly, I let them throw me. I'm not a Dive Bunny, but I'm not a jerk about being thrown, either. Uke is generally, in my mind, a partner who helps in Nage's learning process... he is NOT the "Leader of the Band", showing everyone that he is Mr. Supremo.

Could I stop someone in their tracks if I wanted to? Maybe so... but that seems usually unimportant to me in a dojo atmosphere where useful cooperation can add to everyone's progress. It didn't cross my mind except with one guy who was being a jerk, but I let it go. Every workshop has a few guys who need to pee on the fire hydrants.

Oh, and "help" people? I was there to take a workshop as a student, Dan. Shaner Sensei was giving the workshop and he did a very good job. There's nothing worse than a guy at a workshop who thinks it's his duty to offer advice and demonstrate to others. Think about it, if you were an instructor, etc., at a workshop and there was some guy who needed that kind of attention... what would your impression be?

I'll write up something later about my perceptions of the Ki-Society's approach to ki-mechanics, but in terms of discussing whether anyone there could do this or do that, I'd rather just stay general and within the realm of how some things, in my opinion, affected the outcome of some of the students' techniques.

And don't get me wrong... I don't want to spend a lot of time critiquing "what those guys did wrong", because I thought there was a nice range of ability represented. There were a lot of "external" guys, some people that were making some good progress, some absolute beginners, some "True Believers" who chanted the opening recitations fervently, and so on. My interest is in the ki/kokyu mechanics and I certainly don't want to give the impression that what knowledge I have of those mechanics makes me somehow skilled in Aikido. It doesn't.

So generally instead of worrying out loud about whether anyone could "take my center" or "take my breeding rights" or anything along those lines, I'd prefer to just warble out loud about the ki/kokyu mechanics.


Mike Sigman
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