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Re: Practical internal training ?

Bull by the horns:

Erick, I was a small asthmatic kid when I started judo, and frequently had histamine reactions when I trained - result, not much muscle to begin with.

I was motivated to learn judo because I expected to be beaten to death by my father before age twenty. (I was almost right)

My wise old Sensei told me judo would not make me invincible but could be used to lessen injury in rough situations. I was sold. I gave it all my heart and soul. What I am offering, perhaps in poor taste, are my credentials for saying - I learned some internal stuff.

No one was there to talk about it with me. Small town, narrow culture, Sensei just smiled and kept quiet. The wise old man from my (Catholic) church, would have helped, but he did not experience what I did.

Example of internal power: I could sit in a desk in school and grip the opposite side of the flat top. By shifting the way my body levered off itself, from the inside, I could tear the desk top off its screws and no one could see what I was doing because there was no movement, especially if i was wearing long sleeves and the muscles in my forearms were not visible. Those flexed visibly.
So, I submit that we can talk about internal power as being 'the way of shifting one's body leverage without it being apparent'. The word 'Gestalt' might come up in our discussion - 'the Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Self indulgence - My mind got very calm, and I couldn't understand english words when I did judo. As I reflected I thought perhaps I was reverting to an 'animal' state. Later I wondered if maybe I was different than the animals only in that I could 'reprogram'. I could set my internal leverage to do judo, or to jump high in volleyball, or to ride a bicycle without straining my neck. But I had no one to talk to about it!

Now I do, but we all like to argue, me included.


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