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Re: High kicking

I trained for many years at a TKD dojang in Boston where TV actor/comedian Joe Rogan was a student (it was before his big break in showbiz, but he was doing standup comedy work in the area clubs). He was one of the most talented kickers I've seen, including Koreans, and was one of the few TKD technicians whom I believe could drop even a gifted grappler once he was familiarized with jujutsu/grappling strategy. He had the speed, timing and "calculated intuition" to set up an opponent.

Some people just have natural ability, which when coupled with an aggressive nature and a keen strategic intelligence, could take almost any kind of art and make it workable. But most people can't "make it work" consistently and under a variety of conditions, and even Joe would meet his match in certain settings and conditions. Nobody's perfect.

Really, it comes down to what your handful of most effective, reliable and consistantly successful techniques are. If high kicks are one of them, that's great. But I suspect that the majority of people, except for those of the highest skill level, are going to rely on methods that minimize their exposure and moments of vulnerability, and which they can quickly pull off using only gross motor movements when under pressure rather than refined ones.

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