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Re: High kicking

I don't consider the ribs to be a high kick. "high" is when we start to get above solar plexus, but most people are talking about the head.

My first Tae Kwon Do teacher taught us to never kick higher than the level of our own nose. My my general rule now is not higher than your own solar plexus. This can still be considered high, because it is above the center. But it's not high to the point where you may have to lean back and stretch to reach. You can still keep weight forward driving into the kick.

It is easier to defend against a higher kick and you are more vulnerable in that position. But it's not impossible and it does depend a lot on who is doing the kicking and who is doing the defending. A skilled kicker verses someone who is not so skilled in kick defenses, the high kicker will win.

I had a Goju Ryu teacher who was once sparring with someone who believed that: 1) high kicks did not work 2) Goju Ryu stylists never did high kicks. He stopped believing both very shortly after Sensei knocked him down with head kick - probably before he hit the ground.

Jim Mc Coy
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