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Unhappy Re: Practical internal training ?

Ueshiba a martial Genius?

I'd say he had a good teacher and was talented guy. He didn't invent this stuff. As much credit goes to Takeda as him.

As for the means he used to express it? I think that had an evolutionary source as well

I believe in Ueshiba's vision.
I also believe that what we see in much of Aikido today…..aint it.
Ueshiba could not be touched
Takeda could not be touched
Sagawa could not be touched
Kodo could not be touched

So I guess saying there all genius's saves giving credit where credit is due. That being the only one --they-had in common was Takeda
How Uehsiba's skills morphed into Aiki-do and how his students morphed into receivers is explicable. When one can generate internal power and control incoming forces then they themselves can see the effects it creats and the way it affects and attacker. Play with the same attackers for long time and their attacks become fairly useless on you. They know it and it changes the game.
I Ueshiba got better. He realized that he could not be touched. I believe as a result of that…. the ukes changed. Their attacks changed, and then, since the repelling and power generation of Ueshiba changed as Ueshiba could repel and draw them and lead them……. The art gradually solidified and changed into the open type of attacks seen on all those videos..
And this.....this key marriage between the ability to be untouchable and how it repels aggressors....was the later day birth of Aikido.
It became the engine that drove --him- but was not taught.

And I actually admire the goal and vision.
But without the internals, its hollow and insipid and the whole conceptual framework of attack and true control becomes, half hearted, open attacks, with out any need of internal skills to control anything to begin with. It becomes just a watered down jujutsu. And for some worse.

As for conflict
One can love conflict and the physical game of chess with out having become warped, violence mongers by it. Men from of all walks of life have enjoyed that play in all era's
The argument that those who love it are of small mind is a frequently used insult also cast on the military. Similar to Kerry's grade point average at Yale being below Bush's yet he derides his intelligence and our service people who are on average better edicated then the same section populace age group.
In Ueshiba's case one can argue he had to become internally strong and technically skilled before he could become enlightended enough to have access to skills that could power his "vision" to draw a successful solution to conflict. How? by drawing, repelling, and contolling through internal power.

But hey if we're talking peace, love and visions.....His path, in the end was just not to far afield from the well worn highway of
"Peace.... through strength.


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