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Hideo M. Kimura
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Re: Introduction

David Skaggs wrote:
Anyone with 50 years of practice certainly has my attention when they speak of their knowledge and experience of Aikido.

Thank You
Sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier. Truth to tell, I just discovered this feedback site even thought I had signed up with Jun sometime back. I am no longer in mainstream Aikido, but maintain a small class in what-I-call Shizendo Aiki-waza as a sub-component of my overall Shizendo Ki Kinesiology Research program which is basically a human potential model with Ki therapy as an integral part.
We are primarily an experimental/research group in discovering different healing modalities. We treat Aikido arts more as a movement therapy mode rather than martial arts. We still utilize jo, bokken, tanto, jyu-waza, but more as a way of discovering creative ways of moving with the minimum of muscular tension for a maximum of efficiency in doing the arts. Kinesiology principles & somatic sensory awareness help a lot in helping us discover new levels of inner relaxation & awareness. I don't know if our mode fits into how you train, but if there are any questions feel free to contact me. One of my students set up a website at I didn't know until fairly recently. I was wondering why he asked me for all the info. He did a great job, but I need to call his attention to some typos (chuckle). For e-mail, you can reach me at:
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