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Re: Introduction

Lucy Smith wrote:
I loved your introduction. We all have different visions of Aiki and it's so nice every single time I hear of another one. I am all set up for a life long Aiki experience, and planing to get to know all I can about it, though yet I am just a beginner managing with iriminage and proper ukemi
I'm just glad I found this way of being more than just myself, if that makes any sense (loved the "magic moment" thread, which by the way seems way distant yet).

Hope you enjoy Aikiweb, and I hope I'll be reading more about what you have to say.

Sorry I didn't find this comm section until today when I accidentally had to give my URL to Andrew Crawford for his Aikido website. Yes, if you are new to Aiki training, learn the basics well from your instructors. As you progress, you will likely find that the physical aspects of training nor merely intellectualizing the philosophy of Aikido in the dojo & not "hands-on-ing" in every day life can cause a "plateauing" even after 20 or more years of practice. Ultimately, love, peace & harmony must be incorporated into the arts in order to spill over into daily life. As you mature in dojo training, you may suddenly realize that your arts must gradually evolve into a manifestation of love, peace, & harmony. At least that's been my experience is over 40+ years. Incorporating the principles of , for example, love into the arts, in my humble opinion, means explicitly that if we follow the love, peace, & harmony philosophy of Aiki-ing, we should learn to apply any of the arts (especially the take-down or lock phase) in a more efficient yet relaxed effortlessness style. In Shizendo, we have been working toward this end with our concepts of "sliding hands" in relation to "non-fighting mind". We have made some strides, but are still 'scratching the surface" into developing a prototype of full compliance with the laws of nature & universal law. The meditative aspects are a must if full inner peace is to be realized. The more we experience to learn, the ;more we realize what we still need to learn.
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