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Re: Practical internal training ?

Chris, can't wait brother!

Esaemann -
Learning to use jin (or chi) power in a martial sense has eluded me thus far. I believe that obtaining this power for healing self and becoming stronger physically and mentally is much easier than martially.
Martial sense:
Here is where I get philosophical; sorry if it's a threadjak. Martial does not have to mean kicking the s__t out of someone. If attacked I can poke my finger through the eye, step in and break the person's neck OR I can step inside thir strike, hug them, and lay them gently to the ground, then run like hell.

Prewar, postwar, I don't care. I like the broadminded, be gentle to all others approach that Dr. Kano and OSensei put across. I think it works in the real world. I am not in prison now, because I chose Not to kill. It don't get more real world than that.

On topic, do we make aikido more like judo, or should I drop everything and stick to solo bokken and chi kung for ten years?


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