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Re: Practical internal training ?

I guess I'll jump in, and anybody can take whatever they want out of it.

I've been doing aikido for about 5 years now, and tai chi seriously for about 3 (started 8 yrs ago).

In aikido, I always have to consiously think about relaxing, and when practice gets heated up (with someone I'm comfortable) I revert to non-relaxing and using muscle.

In tai chi, relaxing comes easier. Probably moreso because that is the attitude in my Daoguan among everyone. We have the same set of students since I began.

Learning to use jin (or chi) power in a martial sense has eluded me thus far. I believe that obtaining this power for healing self and becoming stronger physically and mentally is much easier than martially. I'm buying into the statements that if you practice for 2 to 4 hours a day for 10 years, you will develop effective internal power. It also sounds better than saying there is no such thing as internal power that can be used to throw someone without touching them. I have at times felt sensations during tai chi and meditation that I haven't in aikido. From what I've read and understand, these sensations only come when one is totally relaxed (so to speak). Also, it seems much easier to effect change (even internally (even at a very base/cell level)) in self, than to affect someone else.

For those seeking internal power, it is definitely an individual journey (taoist philosophy) even if you are fortunate enough to have access to an effective teacher.

Is it possible to find an effective teacher? I'm not even sure if mine is an effective(?) teacher for developing martial internal power.
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