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Re: Why are you here on this forum?

I participate in aikiweb mainly because I enjoy the people in aikido and find that most are pretty honest in why they are studying the art. I think aikido offers a good philosophy that cannot be found in many other arts. I think the methodolgy is wonderful for conveying that philosophy. The world certainly would be a better place if all could implement the lessons learned in practice. That is mainly why I am here.

I do not current do aikido for a number of reasons. The most important one is that I have no one to practice it with where I am located. Second, I am deeply involved as a soldier in the Army Combatives program which is based heavily on BJJ.

I find that my background in Aikido has provided me an solid foundation in basic principles and philosophy. The BJJ/Army Combatives training offers me some very, very practical applications of that theory.

Much like Dennis Hooker discusses Ikeda's is not about looking for the gaps in what aikido is lacking, but better understanding what aikido is through the study and perspective of other sound martial arts.

Those that look at aikido as the "glass half full" paradigm, that is, viewing it for it's limitations, are missing the picture. I did have that perspective years ago...I think we all go through it. However, as I proceed in my current studies, I have found it to not be lacking in any sense in principle. This, however, should not be applied to practice or actual application that is a different animal all together, and frankly in my opinion...not a good,valid reason to study aikido!

Sure there are those out there that come to aikido to find what is wrong with it...some people love to watch a good train wreck!

There will also be those that want to convert/convince others that aikido is not "it".

There are also those that believe that they have found the true meaning and others simply "don't get it" and feel the need to tell them on a regular basis boost there own egos or to make others feel inferior.

I think though the majority are only here because they are seeking knowledge and enjoy aikido and the journey they are on.

I find most martial arts forums boring, but aikiweb has a vast majority of people that discuss concepts in a very knowledgable, respectful, and honest way!
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