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Re: Why are you here on this forum?

I'm here because I practice Aikido. I enjoy discussing aikido both its apparent strengths and apparent weaknesses with whoever may want to talk about it in a reasonably sensible fashion (childish rude trolls are exempt from this).

I don't care if they come here from inside or outside of aikido, or that 'grey area' in between. So long as the conversation is stimulating and challenging then its worthwhile. This isn't after all a dojo, regardless of what we do away from the keyboard here we intellectualise, discuss and debate as armchair budoka.

One of my favourite literary quotes ever is from The Last of The Mohicans:

"Young blood and hot blood, they say, are much the same thing. We are not about to start on a squirrel hunt, or to drive a deer into the Horican, but to outlie for days and nights, and to stretch across a wilderness where the feet of men seldom go, and where no bookish knowledge would carry you through harmless."

IMHO Internet discussion is "bookish knowledge", Budo is the wilderness


Mike Haft

"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."
-Martin Luther King Jr
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