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Re: Practical internal training ?

I love aikido. I saw Sensei make someone fall without touching them (caught their eyes irimi) while icing a dislocated shoulder I got from (poor practice on my part) judo class.

I knew that that was where my judo had been headed before I got injured a few years prior. I began to study.
Mode of inquiry:
Erick Mead makes a valid point - why not subject aikido to the rigors of western thought? I criticized him for exactly that, and for talking over people's heads. At age 8 I saw students attaching paper to bushes to measure their growth - abomination! I tore all the papers off. Now, years later I am proud to call myself a scientist.

I understand why Erick and Mike Sigman grouse at each other. I think Sensei Harden knows why I 'jumped' him.

To not run on I'll speak by analogy: Five years ago my physical therapist taught me how to get in and out of my chair at work. He said of getting up: 'Bring one foot back, bend forward and lose the horizon, fall forward onto your feet, then regain the horizon. Now push up, don't pull with your legs, and you'll be standing'. The fool! It taught me nothing! Until now. I am opening the muscles/nerves around my battered groin and feeling what is there. The exercise has taken on a whole new dimension of sensation, opening, strengthening and wonderful glorious intense pain - which I prefer to numbness.

How will we train aikido?

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