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Re: Why are you here on this forum?

I don't want to be part of a contention about it either.
I was referring to what Ikeda said in the article at Aikido journal I posted hereabout summer camp.
Darren is right. And if you hold to your own and insist that only Aikidoka can understand Aikido... your pretty much being duped.

Since you asked....and If you are seriously curious, and not mad at me. My restrictions and interactions are just my lack of time (remember I am a student in others things and have to train, and I have a dojo with guys who want me to train with them, and I go outside to train and test with other folks) and a dissinterest in a gaggle of people who won't train solo and do the work. (Makes the long, cold, winters of Hokkaido between Takeda's visits, and why so few got it make more sense though. Lots of solo training time). I'm not a teacher and don't want to be one. And I think these things are a waste of everyone's time if you don't establish a relationship and train on a regular follow up basis. I've had over almost 200 people through here in 16 years. With maybe 6 who are any good. I'll leave that frustration to others. Maybe I just stink at teaching anyway
But enough about that. We continue to point that folks should ask to be taught the specifics. If these teachers can supposedly do then they should have students who know these skills and how they are done. That's all. But things that are "Aiki" are in others arts and can "expressed" as Aiki-do in a heartbeat.

Anyway, we shouldn't argue about it. It seems it is more beneficial than harmful. Particularly to those who are out there looking and can't seem to find someone who actually has it and is willing and able to teach it Aikido.

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