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Smile To Jim Vance

I do appreciate your opinion. It is the type of statement that is always an issue n Aikido. A lot of these questions in class.

It is possible what I've said would easily be misinterpreted. I get this a lot when I write. Words like between "challenge" and "engage", between "practice with" and "practice against". I try to choose my words carefully, and may have failed to some point. For example, I try to avoid using first person and second person.

The best way to convey my thoughts could only be possible through these postings since we span great distances. If we could train/practice together, then there will probably be better understandings.

You have chosen your path, and it is yours, I respect that.

Just for reference, in my country, martial arts are still like it is in the old days, where one school often challenges another school. It doesn't have to be other schools, there are even conflicts within the schools themselves. It is sad, but it is a fact.

Here, whenever there is a new dojo or any new martial arts training place, there will bound be some people that come in, not to try the art, but to test the art (it's an eastern thing probably). So it is very important to prove one's ability to take responsibility of what one teaches. If not, just pack up the bags, lock the door, and leave.

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