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Dennis Hooker
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Re: Why are you here on this forum?

Dan, I don't remember saying it bothered me and I don't remember hearing my friend Ikeda Sensei say any such thing about Aikido lacking. He did say to me "seeing it through a different perspective helped him understand things a little better". I do not believe I made any statement that could not be substantatuated through a search of posts but that would serve little propose beyond redundancy. I also do not believe I was being confrontational or unkind. I simply ask a question that went to many people on the AikiWeb not just you. I am truly interested in why you all chose to come here an interact with us. For you it seems you are truly interested in saving us from ourselves. Laudable even if unnecessary. We are of a different mind for sure. I believe in Mohammad going to the Mountain and you believe the Mountain should come to Mohammad. I believe if we are truly interested in the welfare of the Aikido community at large we should make every attempt to be out and amongst it, you do not. Your candor at times confuses and befuddles new and more inexperienced students and you are not willing to meet them in mass to demonstrate your skills and understanding but insist they meet with you one on one, or a few at most, on your terms. Dan this is just not realistic and smacks of a condescend attitude when you rebuff legitimate invitations to interact. From all accounts you are a great guy. From you own statements you are a great guy. Perhaps your skill is great I don't know and have not heard anyone else say it but I will take you at your word. I have a hard time believing your convictions are as genuine as you say when you requirements for interaction are so restrictive and condition filled.

I know I will catch hell for even questioning motivations of people on this list. Even if I do it with the best of intentions.

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