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Re: Why are you here on this forum?

Hey Dennis
Number one. Aikikoka are looking. I talk shop with folks who will talk shop. Otherwise I don't.
Many see and are now willing to talk about the work that is needed. They are finding after feeling some outside of Aikido (just like Ikeda did)...that they have been cheated in not being taught a clear means to get there by practical step by step improvements. Instead they are dragged through the twenty year man ideal. We can get them there much faster.
What was it that guy said that pissed people off on the Aikido list back in 1996... He said he felt he learned more in that weekend with me than in three years of doing Aikido.
So some come to us and we give them a means to fix it.
Everyones having fun as far as I can tell.
The skills that we have been discussing are the source of Aiki.
Very...very...few know even the pieces of them. Fewer still the mastery-if there is one-of them. And these skills are the cornerstone of your art.

That said, as long as I have read I have seen folks from all walks and styles who are interested in AIKI read and contribute here. Unless folks think Aiki is under the ownership of Aikido...which it clearly is not, I'd suggest ignoring those who do not contribute in a positive way and just post where you see fit..

If you will note* Every person FROM aikido who has gone out and met folks who can do these things and felt the power..
a. sees the value and wants it
b wants to incorporate it into their ...AiKido...

And since they are enjoying the training....let me flip the question around

Since Ikeda made a very impassioned statement about what is missing and went outside Aikido to find it....and stated clearly that the art is in crisis and needs to have its training radically altered
And snce the training folks are doing with us...smacks of their admission.
Let me ask you.............why would this bother you?


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