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Mark Freeman
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Re: Why are you here on this forum?

Hi Michael,

I enjoyed your considered response to the well put questions at the head of the thread. There are a couple of points, maybe you could clarify for me?
3. I believe that the vast majority of people who practice these arts do not understand how to use internal strength.
4. I believe that the majority of people who practice these arts do not have access to teachers who can and will show them.
Now I neither agree or disagree with the rightness of these 'beliefs'. I personally have no idea if they are true. They do however seem amazingly all encompassing. It's a big world with martial arts being practiced in virtually every country. What leads you to be so confident that your beliefs are as they are? I'm quite sure you have evidence based on your own experience, but is it correct to extrapolate this out to be so 'wide' an observation?

This forum if nothing else gets many of us thinking



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