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Dennis Hooker
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Why are you here on this forum?

I believe in open and honest discussion between people that are truly interested in a subject like Aikido. However, I have a few questions for those of you that do not practice Aikido or have not been an active student under an Aikido teacher for a long time. . Why are you here? Are there not web sites more in line with your interest? It seems that in several threads there is a lot of negative comments regarding Aikido in general and some teachers in particular and in it's or their usefulness, understanding and ability. Are you here to show the light to the uninformed masses? Many statements would seem to indicate that attitude. Are you here to say you found a better way and we are all misinformed and misguided if we don't accept your way as "the" way? Many statements in many threads would seem to suggest this attitude. Why are you here with us and why are we not on your other forums? Why are you not on the other forums as strongly as you are on this one? Do you find more in common with us than with others of your own ilk? I truly want to know why you are here. I know this is for the greatest part an unmonitored forum but it is still an Aikido forum.
Oh, do you find our conversation more open and stimulating than other forums?

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